Tiger Paws Juniors Adventures: New York City: Day 1

Hi Everyone,

It’s Brian here. You might be wondering why I’m posting this and not my Tiger pal…it’s because the little fucker is still in Ireland or he might be in the air already. He decided to stay with my little legend of a brother David for a night out in Galway, got way too drunk in a Spanish College and missed his flight with me. He had to change his flight last minute and now he is flying Registered Post across the Atlantic. How much fun would it be to go to the States for $30 registered post on the same flight as the public who have paid like $800…he really is a genius teddy bear who just does what he wants. I usually don’t like writing posts as Brian but it’s necessary here because my penname is MIA

Soooo…I am in New York City. How exciting does that sound. I travel a lot with my work as an actor and a dancer so I have been lucky enough to been given the opportunity to see many parts of this beautiful world. It gets tiring sometimes and I know some airline checking girls by first name at this stage, but I love it. There are so many places I want to hit in the next four years but NYC was at the top of my imaginary bucket. This diary, as with last years LA adventure is to preserve the memory and to publish some decent photos. TPJ prefers the wordsmithing, Brian likes the photography, thus in this post I will try to be more visual than verbose. I can already tell it is going to be one hell of an adventure. I’d love to say ‘I hope you like it’ but it doesn’t bother me if you do or don’t, it’s not meant to be crowd pleasing…it’s just meant to be honest…as is all of TPJ really. It’s a fun ride, thanks for tagging along.

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