In Business, you have to be RELENTLESS! it’s a Sport, It’s not a game. There are people who want to knock you out, to spear tackle you, to smash you senseless until you can’t stand anymore just so they win. You have to hit them, and hit them hard, and hit then fairly and be disciplined in the rules. It is not a victory if you cheat. It’s one v one, fifteen v fifteen, your team against theirs and there can only be one winner. You have to work and train every hour of every day to gain that victory…because if you don’t, they will win. Your opponent will win, because rest assured, they are training too. And training hard!

When you get the chance, you strike. You strike fast and true and trust in your training and prep work. If it has been honest and you have trained well, you will strike well and they will feel it. Then make sure you strike again, then make sure you strike a third time…and when they are wobbling around and stumble the first time from the power of your strikes…you make sure you finish them off. You make sure they feel the pain you inflict on them. You will be the victor in the fight or the match or the fuckin chess game – whatever your sport is, Then shake the hand of the loser and respect them completely afterwards. Bring them out for a pint.

Business is a Sport, it’s disciplined, it’s tough and you have to be hard to win. There is no other way to describe it – You are an animal on the pitch, prepared to risk your body and mind for the win but you also become a gentleman off it. When you are out on the field, smile at your opponent. You already know he is looking at you and you already know what that look in his eyes means. It’s that look that tells you he wants your blood on his shirt. He wants your spit on his gloves or your teeth on the floor. He wants to feel your ribs crack when his shoulders hit them fairly in a rugby match. It’s also the look that you will laugh about with him in the pub after the game. So Match his stare with a stare of your own and see who breaks first. Then play your game and shake hands after it and learn respect. anyone I have played Sport with or against I can happily do business with them now, because I know they hit hard and fairly and they won’t settle for losing. They wear the colours of their team.

You have to be relentless!

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