Looking at life through the Lens of Social Media

Would I have seen this and liked it so much?
Would I have seen this and liked it so much?

I think what I enjoy most about social media, apart from the obvious communication benefits, is that it is helping me to appreciate the world and it’s infinite sources of beauty. I have begun to live in moments, recognising beauty scenes as I pass them and taking photos of them so that they are forever recorded. Memory can only go so far consciously before the picture in your mind that you have just witnesses gets stored in your subconscious and replaced by new sights and scenes.

Basically, I think social media has become an accessible subconscious of our reality, stored up there in some magical cloud and easily transferable. An obvious disadvantage of this is that one doesn’t ask in person to a distant friend what she was doing last week because you have been informed of her whereabouts via a newsfeed but to be fair, you probably wouldn’t have asked her anyway.

But what I really love is that we are almost being encouraged to go out into the world and find share-able memories. Check-ins make you want to experience different life settings instead of sitting at home being comfortable and transfixed by the TV. Nobody is going to like a photo of your television set, therefore you realise that comfort isn’t all this world has to offer.

I tend to stop by a sunrise and photograph it now on my phone and use it as a cover photo for my blog. I probably would have passed it by five years ago and not appreciated fully the magic of a small occurrence. It’s great and I really see the benefit of these sites like Facebook, WordPress, Twitter or Instagram etc as long as people don’t get negatively addicted to them. Freedom of expression allows the world to Troll and hate on other people’s lives and their living choices or should it be restricted. Everyone has the right to express opening their opinions even on a global scale. However if one is purposely negative, that’s what the world will see you as and the cloud will store that forever.

Social media allows us to see the world through a lens. To see the world maybe like God intended and to scroll back through your memories and subconscious and say Bloody hell that was a fun time. So maybe go out and take photos on your phone or your camera and post away positively. Happy adventures.

TPJ xx

Published by Tiger Paws Junior

We’re creating something that makes us joyful and content and sometimes happy and inspired. Love TPJ x

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