Dreaming is believing… and being is sightseeing.

You see the light – you see the stars – do you wonder what’s up on the mars?

I do and I wanna know if life is jackpot or just a big joke.

You can show me the ground but I will light up the dark

.. the ground is always just as hard as you want it to be


by Treesoul

The Door

Every door can be a  big change, in a good or bad way. you can enter into one.. you can leave through one. Always just a matter of facts and the choice is yours.

Sometimes life feels like a big waiting room

cause you don’t know what’s next.. but your waiting for someone to call your name and take you to a higher level, .. but waiting is a waste of time, i was at this point- many times cause i think everybody was. but one day i started to see my life like a big movie. I am the director\regisseur\cutter ..the main character and the dog from next door. If you see it that way, you will recognize that every hard or happy moment, no matter how sad or wonderful it might be totally fits into the situation and moment of life.

Life must be even.. you would explode if life would be to happy or unhappy for a while

that’s why i think entering into mysteriously doors can change your life in many different good ways. if you start focused on the right way (what you think it is) you might miss out the special tracks, big adventures or maybe the holidays. Copy kids, get up in the morning and ask yourself “what do i wanna do today”..

Take life as it comes and even make the best out of a rainy day.

when was the last time you wrote a letter to someone special…

beautyfulll hamburg
one door in hamburg

text by : Treesoul

White flowers

White Flowers

Happiness lies in the Un-Average

It’s nice and simple when you think about it fully. If you don’t want an average life, you have to stop acting like you have an average life. You have to think differently than an average person, you have to work harder than an average person…AND…you have to take criticism from an average person because they don’t understand your way of thinking. You have to feel differently, smell different smells and touch other peoples lives, not just your own. You have to care about others more than yourself, because you’re not average. You have to do more than another person and when you get tired, sleep well and hard in the knowledge that you put an honest, hard, non-average day’s work in. Sleep hard because you’ll need your energy for tomorrow’s hard, honest, non-average day”s work.

And when you get there; when you become non-average, I promise you, you will find happiness there. Happiness lies in the fact that you contributed to this world in some way, the happiness in the fact that you helped another or other people with want of nothing in return. Happiness is waiting for you there, in that place, where music meets art. Love her his best friend and comes round to her house for dinner most nights and just chills on the sofa watching a DVD or something. Love is ready to shake your hand too.

But they have to wait. The only thing they’re waiting on is for you not to be average. So make the choice, follow your personal dream or talents you have been given and live them and use them daily. It sounds like a cliche but if you do something that you like to do, do it without apology or explanation to anyone else. If they are average, if they live an average life and criticize like an average person, look them straight in the eyes and tell them: ‘You make a good point with your realism, it may be impossible for an average person to achieve, it is a tough, long road to success…but not impossible to me…because I’m not average.’ Good Luck, we’ll all see you when you get here. We’ll put a pint on the house for you for working your magic.

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