The Tiger Paws Junior Podcast

TPJ x Talks to guests from around the world


Brian talks to his guests about their individual journeys to get to a level of success which inspires him.

We are so proud of this body of work.

Episode 1: Diarmuid Goggins

Episode 2: Meghann Scully

Episode 3: Clodagh Lawlor

Episode 4: Sam McArdle

Episode 5: Brix Schuamberg

Episode 6: Rand Faris

Episode 7: Rob Meyer

Episode 8: Laura O’Shea

Episode 9: Cathy Belton

Episode 10: Hollie O’Donoghue

Episode 11: Arthur Lanigan O’Keeffe

Episode 12: Sarah Palmieri


Episode 1: Tom Neville

Episode 2: Judy Fitzgerald

Episode 3: Dave Moore

Episode 4: Nathan Adam Elemen

Episode 5: Dan Forde

Episode 6: Rand Faris

Episode 7: Sorcha Fenlon

Episode 8: Eoghan Cross


Contact the Podcast on Spotify, Anchor or email tigerpawsjunior@gmail.com

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