Baby Rabbit

Baby Rabbit

My Shiny Award

photo 1

Hi everyone!

I think I can speak for the whole TPJ squad in saying that we love what we do – sharing our pieces with you and inspiring others and trying to make others smile. So I’m happy to tell you I won an award. I was honoured to be awarded the Camden arts and Culture Award 2015!!! It’s really shiny!

The award was given to me for taking part and showing interest in the big world of art and inspiring others to learn and take part in something new.

A big thank you to those that voted for me and I hope we will be doing what we love most in this creative world for a long time, entertaining and inspiring you all to the best we can do!

Much Love,

Baby Rabbit xx


It was probably 2 months ago or more since I shared the trailer for this film but after a long wait I’m now allowed to publicly share this lovely inspiring film with you all.

Synopsis: Amelle is a 25 years old aspiring Artist. She is living a safe and boring life working every day in mundane jobs. Amelle falls asleep and sees her 10 years old younger self in her dream. Following the conversations, lessons, and journey of big and little Amelle she wakes up inspired to change her life today.
Enjoy the film

Baby Rabbit x


4 Hour Production

A film by Baby

Password is rangeo

Someone told me the other day that I wouldn’t be able to make a 3 to 5 minute film in under 4 hours… I laughed in their face and came out with this!

Spoiler alert: I stab the Orange

I know the film is an ugly child of mine but I loved making it and proving them wrong.

I think it’s probably so bad that it’s good, but I love him nonetheless.




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