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Balaton Sound 2015

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Pat and TPJ

Girls on Shoulders

Balaton Press

Main Stage

Ouch my

Beers in Budapest




Edinburgh 2015


Bag Piper

Day 1: 4th August 2015

And thus arrives the best and most respected Fringe festival in the world…bar none! – the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015. Running from the 7th to the 31st of August, over 3000 events are to take place in such a short space of time.

There is such a buzz in the air. We arrived yesterday, got our press passes and just walked the streets. You can literally smell the creativity in the air, with every second person walking the streets looking to showcase the performance that they have a hand in making. There is an aura of excitement here.

We, at TPJ, are going to try to bring you coverage of as many events as possible ranging from Theatre, Comedy, Dance and Music. We just hope we can get to one twentieth of all shows. There are three of us up here so hopefully we’ll cover as much as possible, the majority being in photographs and reviews.

To all performers and creators up here: Best of luck. This could be your big break.

Enjoy the ride, there’s a Tiger on the loose.


Presenting a Flower

Card Trick

Busking with Fire

White Bicycle Man

Edinburgh cREST

Colourful Streets

Graffetti Artist

Sketch Artist


Buddas Balancing

Day 2: 5th August 2015

Day 2 of the festival began with a bang!

We rushed to try to find C Nova for the first performance of the day to attend a beautifully written play called the Stolen Inches. The cast were wonderful and the whole atmosphere was created the second we walked in. It runs daily at 12.15pm in C Nova at the top of the Royal Mile. See our Edinburgh Fringe Section above for the full review.
Cast of Stolen Inches

Stolen Inches B&W

Cast of SInches 2

We then went to meet an original Bay City Roller (Ya I know, it was awesome!). Alan Longmuir is a legend amongst men. He was happy to pose for photos and shared stories of being at parties with the Beatles, chatting away to Cilla Black at after parties and many, many more including receiving a letter from John Lennon which he still has to this day.

If you want to see his life story, he is performing ‘And I ran with the Gang’ in Le Monde, George Street Sunday to Friday 7th to the 31st of August. It is said to include songs like Bye, Bye Baby, it is written by Liam Rudden and will have a question and answer session afterwards with Alan himself. We’ll definitely be going to that one!

Bay City Roller

Ali Alan and Liam

Went out for dinner to the purely vegetarian restaurant, David Bann. (Below)

Out to Dinner in Daniel Banns

A quick beer in Pleasance and we got persuaded to a comedy show called Princes of Man, partly due to some good flyering work by one of the Cast Members. When we weren’t sure about going, but when he came back with two free tickets, how could we say no. It was a funny show and the three former members of the Cambridge Footlights were as tight as you can get. They have a good bit to work on and will relax after a few more shows, but it was a nice way to end the evening.

Princes of Man

Princes of Man B&W

Overall Day 2 was a success. It genuinely flew by. There is just so much to see and do here and the smell of cretivity and excitement is wonderfully overwhelming. We just hope we can get to as many shows as possible. What would ye like to see reviewed?

All my Love as usual,


Day 3, 6th August 2015

Flying bird

Day 3 started for us at TPJ with an exciting prospect of performing in Edinburgh too. I’m doing a show here too as well as photographing and reviewing so it was quite a nerve-wracking day, filled with tech and dress rehearsals etc.

We prepped hard, ran it a few times before hand and suddenly it was 8pm and showtime. Genuinely that’s how fast time goes over here. Time flies when you’re having fun hey?

Bark bark let me out

After the show I nipped off to catch Andrew Maxwell at Assembly. What a funny guy he is! He has always been one of Ireland’s most notable and successful comedians abroad and this was the first time I had seen him live. He was in preview mode and only arrived yesterday so it was a bit raw, ropey and a little ranty but it was still an excellent show (**** 4 Star reviewed in review section). We’ll get a photo of him up later.

And then post Maxwell we headed to the Flamingo Bar off George’s square. What a fun place filled with characters of all genres and genders. Would highly recommend it for a post show beer or Lady Garden (A Delicious gin based Cocktail lol)

Day 3 flew, day 4 has started brightly. C Venues are having their press launch so the Tiger will start growling.

Love as always,


Day 4 – 7th August 2015

Day 4 of the Fringe started off with a brilliant Press Launch from C Venues on Chambers Street. They showcased their top ten picks of their 160 performances in 6 venues. Whenever I go into C Venues it reminds me of a cinema. You look at the listings on the board, say Yes to one and then rotate to as many of the shows as possible.

They had beautiful canopés and free Prosecco or Orange Juice in circulation and we were then led downstairs to -1 and treated to the performances. Here are shots of the day:

Performance of Seed

Performance of Sonnet Man

Cast of Seed

Cast of The Hideout

Cast of British Theatre Freda Calo Show

Cast of American Show

Cast of Acappella Kings College

Performance of Drums


A Cappella

A Cappella 2

Boxing Performance

Macbeth Performance

ballet perf

Ballet Brilliance


Opera perf

2 comedians


Box Office

Hands in

Mother and Father

Beauty 2


It was such a good showcase. I’ll name all the shows for you later. Must run now though. Have a show at 2 eeeeek!

I made a friend a friend today too. The cutest friend I have ever met…


Jasp Cover Photo

Day 5: 09th August 2015

We started off with the show on Drummond St, which was awesome. Sold Out and a raucous bunch but it was really well received and we managed to get through it.

Then we went straight to the Media Meet and Greet and set up our table in Fringe Central. What a great bunch of people and shows were showcased there. You could literally smell the creativity in the air and the feel of hope was all encompassing.

Some of the other tables included BBC, Three Weeks, Fringe Review, The List etc and each performer that came over to our table was a delight. I will try to make it to each of the thirty shows that pitched there idea to me.

Here are some photos:

Pollyfiller at Pollyanna, Paradise Palms daily
The Last Kill Soldier
The Last Kill – Gary Quinn Greenside Nicollson St, 21.55pm

TPJ Sheep and Dog Puppet

Sheep Puppet
Land of the Dragon – looks great if you like puppets
Adventures in Menstrating
Adventures in Menstrating, The Stafford Centre, 19.30pm
Moro and Jasp
Morro and Jasp do Puberty – Guilded Ballon, 8pm daily

We were all quite wrecked after that so we grabbed a beer and decided on a dining venue. Just across the road from us on Drummond Street is the beautiful Ciao Roma. It’s got a crazy pirate theme and beautiful food. I had the cheese and meat platter which was yum but the lads all had pizzas which were great too…seemingly. Noone offered me any really so I didn’t get to taste any other food lol!

They’re whiskey selection was great too 😉

Dinner Place Pirate

Out to Dinner Nicer

Cork Case in Cioa Roma

After that we were shattered. Time really is flying up here. We headed home, crashed on the couch for a little bit and were in bed by 11! We are wild, aren’t we?

Today consists of Pleasance Bytes with an interview with John Hannah, two Faulty shows and hopefully a few shows in between and after.

Have a great day y’all. Enjoy the last day of the weekend, only hardcore fans stay on after this!

Much Love,


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