If This Is Life

If This Is Life

by Tree Soul

dedicated to Nicole for being a lovely person

Nicole Kidman

If this is life…or maybe

if this could be a dreaming life…

The world you wish for is the one you’d like to see and it can be if one thinks it’s so

Life seems to me to be a counterbalance,
Maybe in a good way, I think one can say
If it’s balanced one always wants more,
When it’s slightly off you try to again to score

But why on earth do we always ask for more

Slight Weakness can make you mad, that’s just first born pressure or last born guidance,
madness can turn to badness or sadness
and at the end I harness myself in and often find myself shirtless
on the highest mountain range or bottomless the deepest river,

Cutching or clutching myself or another or turning others to cwtch together or just catching up because I left them for complete control of my own circumstance.

Its always careless when you do the jobs too quickly alone

because I manage to lose everything
to hold on to on the way up to gain the worlds adoration

The way up is the hardest part I think
but worth the walk in the end,
worth all the pain and commitment you’d  think…

But is it? Is this the Life?

Losing oneself and who you are is like losing ones focus.

That nasty fingerprint on your lens.
The more you clean it, the more you see it. But that dirt was put there by the walk
Some things just are dirty, grafting is beautiful and hard, some things are common sense

But what does count..What does it matter At the end of the day…

Because at the end of this dream, At the end of this day, people will only remember how nice and considerate I was to them and to others.

And to be lonely is boring.

Published by Tiger Paws Junior

We’re creating something that makes us joyful and content and sometimes happy and inspired. Love TPJ x

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